Border Junior League

This is a new league featuring the reserve teams from seven of the Borders clubs.
You can hear an interview here with Iain Heard explaining the format of this competition.

AUG 30 2023
Gala A 28-21 Peebles Reds

SEP 1 2023
Jedforest A 10-40 Kelso Sharks

SEP 2 2023
Hawick Force 26-15 Melrose Storm

SEP 8 2023
Kelso Sharks 22-15 Hawick Force
Melrose Storm 31-14 Gala A
Peebles Reds 20-5 Selkirk A

SEP 15 2023
Jedforest A 7-17 Peebles Reds
Hawick Force 34-0 Selkirk A
Kelso Sharks 13-22 Melrose Storm

SEP 22 2023
Melrose Storm 38-13 Jedforest A
Peebles Reds 12-22 Hawick Force

SEP 23 2023
Selkirk A 14-66 Gala A

SEP 29 2023
Jedforest A v Gala A
Kelso Sharks v Selkirk A
Melrose Storm v Peebles Reds

OCT 7 2023
Gala A v Hawick Force
Peebles Reds v Kelso Sharks
Selkirk A v Jedforest A

OCT 14 2023
Gala A v Kelso Sharks
Hawick Force v Jedforest A
Selkirk A v Melrose Storm

OCT 21 2023
Kelso Sharks v Jedforest A
Melrose Storm v Hawick Force
Peebles Reds v Gala A

OCT 28 2023
Gala A v Melrose Storm
Hawick Force v Kelso Sharks
Selkirk A v Peebles Reds

NOV 4 2023

Melrose Storm v Kelso Sharks
Peebles Reds v Jedforest A
Selkirk A v Hawick Force

NOV 11 2023
Gala A v Selkirk A
Hawick Force v Peebles Reds
Jedforest A v Melrose Storm

NOV 18 2023
Gala A v Jedforest A
Peebles Reds v Melrose Storm
Selkirk A v Kelso Sharks

NOV 25 2023
Hawick Force v Gala A
Jedforest A v Selkirk A
Kelso Sharks v Peebles Reds

DEC 2 2023
Jedforest A v Hawick Force
Kelso Sharks v Gala A
Melrose Storm v Selkirk A