St Boswells win Borders East League Team of the Season award

It’s been almost three years since St Boswells last lost an East League fixture and with two matches to go they are keen to complete a clean sweep of EL3, EL2 and EL1 victories in successive seasons. Tonight they won 34-3 at Hawick Linden and that means they cannot be caught in the Borders Rugby Rankings this season. They are the first club to win the Fraser James Partnership Ltd trophy on two separate occasions. The trophy was first given out three years ago with Hawick Linden and Berwick winning it in the first two years. The format for the award is similar to the rankings for the top-ranked Borders sides. Match points are divided by the games played in the respective three leagues giving an average points total per match. Each club plays at their own level to assure a handicapped system fair to every club.